Integrates hardware models, physics models and tactical code

Can re-host tactical program code or use verified TSC models:

  • AN/SPY-1 and AN/SPQ-9B radar models
  • C&D/WCS/FCS/VLS/CEP/SGS models
  • SM-2/6/3, ESSM
  • Utilizes tactical configuration libraries and doctrine

Simulates complex threat/environment scenarios

Run-time display/control and post-run data analysis

Leverages TCE components and development team SMEs


PC based: runs faster than real time, accessible debug capability

Plug and play processing environment support

Features for diagnostics

Analysis Support Tools Available:

  • Automated Build
  • Data Analysis and Visual Display (DAViD)
  • Automation/Grid processing
  • Automated Performance Assessment (APA)

Additional Details

Integrates hardware models, physics models and tactical code

Provides generic sensor model

Provides generic missile model

Common environment:

  • AAW, BMD, surface, and interceptor debris models
  • Non-standard propagation
  • Land, sea, chaff, rain clutter

Hardware/ Software Requirements

Windows 10 or Linux RHEL 6

Dual/multi monitor is recommended

Intel quad-core or better